Coming back from Print4All 2018

Coming back from Print4All 2018

Print4All has just ended few days ago, it has been the first edition of a new exhibition concept planned to become a new benchmark for the converting and package printing industries internationally.

“Meeting all the operators of the whole production chain in a unique location and exhibition could be for Re S.p.A. an important opportunity to set our company among the main partner for the supply of equipment for the web process automation. In the months before the exhibition we worked a lot and constantly to arrive at Print4All with the wider range of technological solutions Made in Italy”

ReGuard: the new and impressive 100% printing inspection system
ReGuard is the new 100% web inspection system equipped with high-resolution matrix camera, 5Mpixels, specifically designed to increase the productivity and the quality in the printing industry. The system has a field of view of 450 mm, a compensation of the film position up to +/- 5 mm and it can guarantee an extremely simple and intuitive usage. More

A wide solution for the web alignment
Visitors had the opportunity to see and test both web guiding for narrow-web, as the WG.251 and WG.705, and for wide web, as the WG.2003 with automatic sensor holder designed for the plastic film industry. An absolute news has been the SU.11 ultrasonic sensor; other than a new concept design, the new sensor guarantees a measuring range of 6 mm and a 0,02 mm of resolution. It is provided with an integrated keyboard with 2 buttons and a 5 digits led bar for an easy calibration and control of the web. More

The new and innovative SMART cover for pneumatic brakes Combiflex HP
One of the most interesting improvement has been designed for the Combiflex HP brake, the well-known and best-seller pneumatic brake in the world. Taking account of the energy saving problems and cost reduction for customer, we designed a new smart cover that, thanks to a temperature sensor, allows the fan rotation accordingly to the detected heat in order to obtain the right cooling of the brake in all working conditions and, most of all, a great saving of energy that means an important cost reduction. Moreover, to easily and quickly visualize the fan working, the HP cover has been equipped with 3 led to indicate the fan power and, thanks to a dedicated digital output, they can indicate a fan problem. More

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