Coming back from Index 17

Coming back from Index 17

Index 17 exhibition closed its doors few days ago and it collected records for visitors and exhibitors number compared to all editions. For Re S.p.A. too, dozens have been visitors that, intrigued by the wide range of solutions for the nonwoven sector, visited the booth trying to find the best solution for their machinery.

We tried to point the focus on the web guiding system for a perfect alignment of the layers showing a very high quality product, easy to use and reliable. The strength of the booth, that collected the majority of the interest and consensus, has been the SmartMotion web guiding system: the latest technology, installed on small and medium size web guiding systems offers a quicker corrective movement, ease of wiring and installation and an easy management thanks to the WLigo remote keypad. The most important feature, very important for the nonwoven machinery that require a perfect alignment of lots of layers, is the possibility to link together many web guiding systems and manage them with a unique WLigo remote keypad.

WG.705 web guiding system has been another new solution: in addition to review the design, the system has been equipped with the control logic and the keypad integrated in the frame and has been mounted a new sensor holder for a smooth and precise positioning of the sensors.

A very great number of new and potential customers and the positive and enthusiastic opinions received during the four days of exhibition, brought an excellent result for the Italian company and great prospects for the future in order to invest much more in the nonwoven industry.

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