15th anniversary Re China

15th anniversary Re China

Today we are proud to celebrate an important milestone in the journey of Re China: its 15th anniversary.
In 2008, the intention was to connect with this country that was growing and could offer countless opportunities. During our journey we have tried to seize them all.

Over the years we have expanded and grown continuously to try to offer the Chinese market the best service.

In a short interview, Roberto Galbiati, Branches Manager Re S.p.A. and Grace Sun Bin, General Manager Re China; as well as those who have enabled our subsidiary to grow, tell us about the past, present and future of Re China.

What have been the most important moments in the growth of Re China?
R.G. "The foundation in 2008 was the first important step, introducing our CX250 brakes in this market was not easy and after that, we developed a new brake for the Chinese market, in line with our customers' demand and performance."
G.S.B. "A good start is half the battle, and the most important step for Re China was the establishment of the company in 2008."

What are the most important values on which Re China is based today?
R.G. 'KNOW-HOW, we are not simply providing a product, we are sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers. Any product can be 'duplicated', but you cannot 'duplicate' knowledge and expertise, which you have to build every day, in the field, with time."
G.S.B. "Our value is that technology changes lives, technology drives fashion, we insist on making high quality products and our know-how allows us to do that."

Looking at the next five years, what do you see for Re China?
"We have 5 years of challenges ahead of us: new ideas, new projects and new goals; I am very excited to be part of this plan together with the Re China team."
G.S.B. "Opportunities and challenges coexist, I am sure we have years of success and growth ahead of us."

We would like to give a big thank you to the entire Re China team for these magnificent 15 years of journey together.
A big toast to Re China!

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