• high precision torque control
  • no release of polluting material
  • high torque levels up to 4620 Nm
  • SELEMATIC system
  • reduced calipers at 10, 16, 40%
  • negative calipers

Product info

Combiflex pneumatic brakes, since 1974, have been representing the benchmark for the converting industry and most of all for corrugated machines. Mounted on the roll stand unwinders, they represent the best solution to guarantee a perfect and precise web tension during the whole process.

Thousands of applications in different industries, a constant research of new materials and technologies and the study and testing of the pneumatic brakes, have allowed us to increase the know how and to continuously improve our product. The experience gained is closed in a very high quality product, installed on the roll stands of the most important companies all over the world.

LIFE SPAN: each detail of the pneumatic brake has been studied and improved during the years to obtain the maximum heat dissipation in order to guarantee a long life span and an important maintenance cost reduction.

PERFORMANCE: the working principle of the Combiflex pneumatic brake, has been studied to guarantee zero residual torque and maximum sensitivity and linearity in all application and working condition.

INNOVATION: “When the market crowns you a sector leader, you look back at how far you have come. When it crowns you a world leader, though, you look forward at the way ahead. The challenge is to keep renewing: always better and ever higher.” The continuous research of our technicians to find new materials and technologies is the success of Re combiflex brakes in more than 40 years.

Technical data

CX.200CX.250 HPCX.300 HPCX.400CX.500
Max torque 1 caliper (dynamic slipping)118 Nm160 Nm190 Nm270 Nm330 Nm
Min torque 1 caliper (dynamic slipping)1,2 Nm1,5 Nm1,6 Nm2,5 Nm3,3 Nm
Pressure min/max0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar
Max disc rpm30002500200015001200
Total weight18 kg20 kg26 kg40 kg53 kg
Heat dissipation without fan0,7 kW1,3 kW1,8 kW2,8 kW3,5 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 24 V1,5 kW3,5 kW (HP1)
4 kW (HP2)
4,5 kW (HP3)
5 kW (HP1)
5,5 kW (HP2)
8,8 kW12,6 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 110/220 V1,5 kW--8,8 kW12,6 kW


DatasheetDrawing PDFDrawing Dwg3DUser manual
CX.250 HP
CX.250 110-220V
CX.300 HP


Aluminium foilCarton Board
Nonwoven / HygienePaper
Plastic filmWire / Cables



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Financial data

Trade reg. court Milano 160933/3920/33
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Corp. capital € 1.000.000 i.v.

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