RotoSpring - Spring ejection core chuck

RotoSpring - Spring ejection core chuck

RotoSpring is the new Re spring ejection core chuck designed to cope with three important problems that operators have to deal with:

  • Tons of paper waste caused by a wrong grip of the reel cores and by an incomplete unwinding of the paper rolls
  • Diffcult ejection of the reel cores, especially if damaged, with a consequent low level of security for the operator that has to manually operate to unlock them
  • High costs and installation time of the existing systems of ejection that usually require to mechanically and pneumatically modify the roll

To cope with these problems we designed a new Spring ejection core chuck that combines the quality and technology of the Rotogrip torque activated chuck with a patented system of spring for the automatic and safe ejection of the rolls.

The Rotogrip chuck solve the problem of grip, reel core centering and brake torque transmission in order to solve problems of paper waste, while the spring system solve the problem of the automatic ejection of any kind of reel core in complete safety for the operators that no more has to use levers or other tools to unlock them.

Moreover, RotoSpring, can be installed on a new or existing roll stand in less than ten minutes as it not requires any mechanical or pneumatical intervention to the machine giving the customer great advantages in terms of costs and time.

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