RotoMatic - core chuck with pneumatic ejector

RotoMatic - core chuck with pneumatic ejector

Rotomatic is the new patented core chuck that combines the quality and technology of the Re torque activated core chucks with a telescopic pneumatic ejector concentric to the core chuck.
The roll ejection system RotoMatic has been designed to solve problems of paper waste and, moreover, to eliminate the problems of unlocking the reels during their ejection.

Rotomatic is made up of the Rotogrip chuck, that guarantees an optimal grip on the reel core without damaging it, and a patented telescopic pneumatic piston that ensures the automatic ejection of the rolls without any manual operation even in the case of deformed or damaged rolls.

Thanks to RotoMatic, it will therefore be possible to increase the productivity of the production plant and significantly increase the level of safety for the operators.

  • Perfect grip without damaging cores
  • 100% of ejected rolls also with damaged cores
  • Safe roll ejection, no manual operations
  • Safety valve to avoid overpressure
  • 14.500N + 5.500N of thrust force
  • Easy fitting on any kind of roll stand